The Contenders

dramatic-comedy about struggling immigrant entertainers in New York City


written, directed and produced by Tobias Meinecke

There was friendship and hardship, illusion and obsession, love and betrayal. There were big shots, false promises and plain old hustlers. There were enemies and more enemies. An then there was New York City.

Childhood friends Tony and Ivo, two immigrants from Eastern Europe, vowed to watch out for each other as they pursue success in the cut-throat world of the New York film and theater world. But when against all odds opportunity arises, Tony questions the qualifications of his friend. Ivo, however, is not so easily discouraged.

A dramatic-comedy about making it in the Big City. Or not making it.


digitally remixed and remastered in 4K for re-release

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German television comedy based on the bestseller by Mauve Haran

written by Barbara Jago, Michael Walter, Sabine Hübner - directed by Tobias Meinecke


starring Henry Hübchen, Marita Marshall, Peter Fitz, Catherine Flemming, Andrea Sawatzki

Ally Boyd, wife of a famous television presenter, mother of two lively teenagers, homemaker, gardener and loyal supporter, takes a job to save her marriage and recover her confidence. But her growing success may threaten her husband and incite rivals.

Network: ProSieben - Production Company: Claussen+Wöbke

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